Mud Jugs - Spill-Proof Spittoons

Posted: June 02, 2013
Mud Jugs - Portable Spittoons
$19.95 - $39.95
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I personally don't dip because I've always thought you have to be a baseball player or type of male who doesn't sob uncontrollably and beg for help from the Baby Jesus upon chewing anything that burns more than a stick of Big Red gum, but for the real spittin' men out there, get a load of Mud Jugs, a line of portable spittoons for easy and self-expressive elimination of your chew juice.

Mud Jugs' bulbous bases fit securely into one hand...provided one's hand is big enough to grip them one-handed. Note: If your hand is not big enough to maintain control over the jug while holding it upright, as well as sideways and upside down, it is one sign you are not old enough to be chewing tobacco and should probably return the can of Copenhagen to your dad's sock drawer. Base receptacles extend into a wide-mouthed spitting funnel that is guaranteed spill-proof. That's why I mention turning the spittoon in all directions; whether tipped, twisted or knocked over, Mug Jugs won't release their contents until users pop off the secure lid and dump willingly.

Mud Jugs are top-rack dishwasher safe and their complete line of camo, flag, and trippy neon color schemes is made in the USA. Mud Jugs is currently offering Dude readers a discount at purchase of $10 off any cuspidor order totaling $35 or more. Just enter the discount code DUDE at checkout.

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