Mod Mettle Planter Box Mailboxes

Posted: May 14, 2021
Mod Mettle Planter Box Mailboxes
$250 - $340
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Get flowers in the mail every day with one of Mod Mettle's planter box mailboxes. The wall-mounted receptacles are made of 14-gauge steel, with a sleek, minimalist box design in your choice of Mod Mettle's hand-finished rust patina finish, or black / brown powder coated finishes. Optional numbers or letters to signify your address or name further the mailboxes' modern aesthetic, but obviously their true standout, and on-trend, feature is the planter box Mod Mettle has added along the front.

It's a simple addition, but filled with seasonal flowers or succulents, the planter boxes turn the mailboxes into true works of art and natural beauty, plus increase the curb appeal of your house. Let's just hope your letter carrier has a gentle hand, and doesn't crush all your purdy stems and blooms stuffing the mailbox container full of USPS special delivery junk mail.

If you don't trust the mailman, or yourself, to keep plants alive in a Mod Mettle planter box mailbox, the shop also makes plain metal mailboxes with the same finish and alphanumeric options.

Small Business Shoutout

Mod Mettle is a father-daughter collaboration based out of Austin, TX. Papa Hal is a welder and mason who's run his own business for 30+ years, and kiddo Holly is an interior designer, and presumably the one with the good eye and good ideas for the steel products they make. In addition to mailboxes, Mod Mettle also creates property-identifying wall signs and yard signs, available both from their Etsy shop and directly from the Mod Mettle online store.

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