MastaPlasta Instant Leather Repair Patch

Posted: September 01, 2021
MastaPlasta Instant Leather Repair Patch
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The bad news is when you use a MastaPlasta Instant Leather Repair Patch to repair a tear or gouge in your leather...instantly...it's still going to look like a leather repair patch. Like the fabric ones your mama used to fix the holes in your jeans and the elbows of your jacket sleeves. MastaPlasta might be a masta of plasta (er, and leather) but they are not wizards who can make their patches fuse with your existing leather and disappear entirely post-application.

The good news is, even a raised patch of leather on your desk chair, carseat, coat, or Octopus Backpack is going to look a lot better than the destroyed original leather underneath it. Plus, MastaPlasta Repair Patches are self-adhesive, so fixing up your trashed goods really can happen in a peel-and-stick instant.

MastaPlasta makes Instant Leather Repair Patches in a variety of different colors to cover up holes, rips, burns, and stains plaguing not just leather, but suede, vinyl, and most any other textile you want to mend. This listing is for 8" x 4" patches.

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