Mast Humidifier - Natural Japanese Cypress Humidifier

Posted: January 27, 2021
Mast Humidifier - Natural Japanese Cypress Humidifier
$95 - $139
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The Mast Humidifier is a design- and eco-friendly option for bringing some moisture back to your parched home and sandpaper sinuses this winter. Made of hinoki, Japanese cypress, the Mast Humidifier uses no electricity or fancy mechanical elements to spread love and water, just a natural diffusion process that sees water in the humidifier's base drawn up through the thin slices of folded hinoki, and then released into the surrounding air.

Mast Humidifier makers say the diffusion process occurs 10 times faster with their design than leaving water in a bowl.

The Mast Humidifier gets its name from the sailboat it resembles. The unit's base is your hull and its 3 layers of raindrop-shaped wood sheets the mast. In addition to looking more fetching in your home than a clunky hunk of plastic with a digital LED screen, the cypress wood of the Mast gives off a crisp wood scent as it diffuses.

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