Mario Piranha Plant Glass Pipe

Posted: January 01, 2013
Mario Piranha Plant Glass Pipe

If you "fertilize" it properly and approach it from the right end, not only will the Piranha Plant not kill you, it will actually ease any pain you may have, and make you feel blissfully content. Though also maybe hungry enough to eat Mario yourself. Hedcraft, renowned purveyor of fine glass paraphernalia (in my mind anyway--have you seen the Cookie Monster?) interprets one of the world's* favorite 8-bit obstacles in this pretty much flawless 4" Pyrex pipe.

The unmistakable Super Mario Bros. icon sports its characteristic red-and-white polka-dotted mouth and green stem and leaf, the latter of which serves as a kickstand for the pipe during loading, unloading, and puff breaks. All Hedcraft creations are hand blown from heavy-walled glass to produce chunky, sturdy MJ cradles that will last for infinity.

You know who I bet is gonna love the Piranha Plant pipe? Yoshi. That guy's such a stoner. He's gotta be. How else could he carry around a fat mustachioed plumber all day long and keep such a feckless, dopey grin plastered across his face?

Purchasers of Hedcraft goodies must be aged at least 18 years.

*"The World" in this case meaning the United States and Japan.

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