Posted: October 22, 2016
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Mmmm. Munching on some spicy coated peas from my Sir Racha ManBucket to kick off Saturday morning. To be followed immediately, or whenever my girlfriend says it's ready, by a bacon, mushroom & cheddar frittata drizzled with a perfect sriracha sauce heart on top. Or whatever sriracha symbol communicates how she's feeling about me today. After what I did to the bathroom last night it might just be a big red pile in the center.

ManBuckets' Sir Racha is a one-gallon steel paint bucket stuffed with your favorite Thai hot sauce treats. It comes sealed and gift-giving ready with a flathead screwdriver secured to the top so the lucky recipient can pry open the lid like a real man on the hunt to satisfy his cravings. And as they say, if you can't take the heat, get...the Half Pops or Beer Nuts out of the Man Snacks ManBucket instead. Or the Epic Beef Bar and Monster Energy Drink from the Man Fuel stash. Or forget the munchies altogether, and do a DIY-themed ManBucket like the 5-gallon Handyman, an action-packed Outdoorsman, or the couch-ready, football-primed Brew.

Choose from over two dozen ManBuckets tailored to suit different types of men, and sizes of wallets in search of a man gift.

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