Light Bulb & Fan Pull Chains for Ceiling Fans

Posted: March 08, 2022
Light Bulb & Fan Pull Chains for Ceiling Fans
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I'm not gonna be a wet blanket and diss these Light Bulb & Fan Pull Chains for ceiling fans because it's really not that hard to look up and figure out which cord controls the light and which cord the fan. Nope. No wet blanketness here....

OK, fine. I don't think these things are necessary. At all. But, if you do feel compelled to label your ceiling fan strings, and clearly distinguish the one for the light from the one for the fan - say, for the kids...or the idiots...in your house - pull chains with light bulb and fan charms dangling from their ends is probably the most cute 'n' clever 'n' chuckleworthy way to do it. So, you know, whatever tickles your pickle. Or, in this case, whatever spins your blades and lights up your bulb.

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