Kwan Loong Pain Relief Oil

Posted: September 15, 2016
Kwan Loong Pain Relief Oil
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No snake oil here. Just a 2-ounce bottle of pain-relieving, muscle-soothing, but-admittedly-funky-smelling Kwan Loong. I first experienced Kwan Loong Oil administered by the disturbingly powerful hands of a massage therapist named LaToya. That woman could make my eyes cross, tears flow, and teeth grind down a few millimeters every time I laid down on her table. But she could also turn the thick mats of rubber running through my back into cozy memory foam pillows. And at the end of every session, when she finished hurting me so good, she'd rub in a little Kwan Loong Chinese magic to keep the knots from coming back.

Kwan Loong is an aromatic (indeed aromatic!) oil used to soothe and reduce minor joint and muscle pain. Stiff backs, arthritis, bruises, sprains--anything you might put something like Icy Hot on. The difference between Kwan Loong and Icy Hot though, at least in my opinion, is that Kwan Loong penetrates beyond the surface. Rather than just making your skin feel cold...and hot...and cold...and...it moves into and around the muscle/joint giving you problems, and creates what feels to me like a little flowing creek of analgesic heat. I find it works particularly well on my low back, shoulders, elbows, and areas where the achy areas don't have a lot of, uh, padding between them and my skin.

In other words, I tried to rub it on my sore ass before and didn't feel a thing.

Kwan Loong Oil ingredients include methyl salicylate, eucalyptus oil, menthol, spike lavender oil, and light mineral oil. Yep, as I mentioned earlier, that combo makes for quite an olfactory experience when using the oil. It's not terrible, it's just really strong and herbaceous.

Kwan Loong has very few side effects, but manufacturers recommend testing some out on a small area in case you have an allergic reaction to any of its ingredients. Also, know that it provides only temporary relief and isn't intended as a cure for anything. Also, don't put it on open wounds. Also, don't drink it.

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