Klapster Fold-Flat Staircase

Posted: July 18, 2021

Behold, the incredible disappearing...staircase? The Klapster fold-flat staircase, while more design and engineering ingenuity than pure magic, is truly a remarkable sight to see, and an even more practical installation for your loft, attic space, or the entire upper floor of your efficiency condo or tiny home.

Klapster is a German design firm staffed by clever devils who have created an array of stairways that pull out from a side wall into fully-formed 3D steppability when you need to go up or down, and then fold away nearly flat against that same wall when you'd rather use their space for something else. Dining. Step aerobics. Just walking without having to maneuver around a giant staircase.

Klapster models vary in appearance and size, but when folded flat they all kind of look like one of those model building kits that arrive as a board with laser-cut, snap-out pieces. Separately, Klapster also sells handrails and anti-slip tread foil for their fold-flat staircases.

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