KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap

Posted: September 25, 2019
KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap
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KATCHY name you got there, indoor bug trap. Here's hoping you can live up to it stationed next to my fruit fly incubator - aka the compost bag.

The KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap is a triple-layered bait-and-catch device for fruit flies, gnats, and mosquitos infiltrating your home. It functions without toxins, odors, or zappers, so is safe for use around kids and pets, and is registered with the EPA.

At the top KATCHY has a UV light that lures insects to it. When they get close enough, an electric fan sucks them in to the trap's vortex, where they land on sticky glue boards that restrain them from escape. When the board gets full, pull it out and toss it - you'll need to purchase replacement boards after you go through the 4 included with initial KATCHY purchases.

KATCHY insect traps plug into the wall or a USB power source, including portable power banks if you want to use it in cabins or other enclosed spaces without electricity.

KATCHY is clear about its highest and best use as an indoor bug catcher, and particularly in room that's dark and closed off. It also isn't recommended as a house fly catcher, since those buggers are often too big to suck in and pin down.

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