Japanese Shouting Vase

Posted: February 24, 2012
Japanese Shouting Vase and Packaging
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Stress-relieving pottery that doesn't require the presence of Patrick Swayze's ghost? Sign us up! The Shouting Vase is a bulbous fabrication of ABS resin that, when placed against your lips, absorbs and quiets the loudest, meanest, most obnoxious of frustrations you can hurl into it. A must-have for all-night cramming sessions at the library, interactions with employees at the DMV and US Post Office, telephone conversations with IT support and airline customer service representatives, and quality time with the kids.

We're not sure what the oxygen situation is inside the vase, but the Japanese usually sort these things out pretty well, so we're guessing it could also be safely attached to yappy dogs and crying babies.

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