Infrared Sauna Blanket

Posted: March 09, 2020
Infrared Sauna Blanket
$101.79 - $117.39
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This infrared sauna blanket says it will amp up your beauty sleep. Designed like a sleeping bag - or a body bag, if that's where your dark mind goes - the portable sauna heats up to a static and relatively gentle 85 degrees F as it releases 9 to 16 micrometers of infrared light into your body. According to those who believe in the benefits of infrared therapy, the process targets the body's meridians, burns fat, accelerates metabolism, and promotes systemic blood circulation.

Like a standard sauna, it also makes you sweat, so the infrared sauna blanket has a waterproof PVC interior lining. Its outer layer is made of high-grade PU material.

You can preset your sauna blanket's zap time for anything from a 15-minute metabolic power nap to a 60-minute afternoon beauty snooze.

If you prefer to take your infrared-driven body enhancements from a seated position, one that makes it easier to take selfies of the process and keep following your Instagram feed, you could opt for this portable infrared sauna box, complete with arm and head holes, instead of the more constricting suana blanket.

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