Identity Theft Protection Rubber Stamp

Posted: November 04, 2013
Identity Theft Protection Rubber Stamp
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So what you're saying is that this simple stamp could be the solution to ridding myself of the 8' piles of credit card offers and guaranteed ways to pay off my student loads in 6 months and weird notices about taxes or something from the US Government currently occupying 75% of the floor space in my bedroom? I mean, I would shred them and everything...eventually. Once I could find a good shredder at a reasonable price. And coordinate with my mama's schedule to make sure she has 3 or so hours available to do the actual shredding.

But if I could set her up at the dining room table with stack and an identity theft protection stamp? A quick align-and-punch to cover my documents' sensitive information, and then straight to the recycling bin? Why, I might see my circa-1992 Stephanie Seymour-covered walls again by Christmas!

Identify theft guards in rubber stamp form use a specially crafted pattern to hide confidential information, such as personal addresses, social security numbers, account numbers, and ID numbers that often appear on junk mail, bills, and bank statements. This stamp's 1" x 2-1/2" impression area flips out from a self-contained, reversible ink pad that provides double the usable life of an ordinary stamp pad.

The Identity Theft Protection Stamp manufacturer notes their product is most effective when the stamp ink color matches the information that is to be concealed. I think I heard one time that's how camouflage works too.

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