Honest Monk Postcards

Posted: December 23, 2015
Honest Monk Greeting Cards
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It's not just that Honest Monk makes funny, frank postcards. It's also that they will send them to your desired recipient anonymously. Yep, just like WTF Prank Candles, but with an instant payoff. Know someone who sucks, stinks (literally), or needs a reality check, but you're too worried about conflict, payback, or getting fired to tell them face-to-face? Honest Monk, like any good spiritual advisor, has your back.

Honest Monk's Candid Postcards ship for free anywhere in the world, so if you do decide to go the anonymous route, it won't cost you any more to tell your ex-wife gallivanting with her new boyfriend in Bali, "Don't let your mind wander. It's far too small to be out by itself!" than it does your ex-girlfriend gallivanting with her new boyfriend in Sun Valley, "Roses are Red / Violets are Blue / I am so happy / Since I got rid of You."

Obviously my favorite Honest Monk Postcard is the one that says, "I wish your dreams were dinosaurs. Big & all dead," because I love dinosaurs, and resent anyone I grew up with who achieved great success and moved out of his mama's house before turning 30. (Just kidding, Santa.)

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