Hanger Diversion Safe

Posted: August 03, 2023
Hanger Diversion Safe
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Uh, calling it a Hanger "Diversion Safe" is a bit generous, I'd say. Yes, the set of zippered pockets attaches to a clothes hanger, and yes, you can then cover it with a shirt or coat or something to hide it from sight, but...well, two things.

First of all, a diversion safe is a safe that looks like one thing, typically a common household item, but has a hollow, empty center for stashing valuables, or anything else you don't want someone to find. A book is the most common example of a diversion safe, but you also have shaving cream cans, shampoo bottles, light bulbs, screwdrivers, and male masturbatory aids. A nylon pouch with 5 zippered storage pockets that functions as a nylon pouch with 5 zippered storage pockets doesn't really fit the definition.

Secondly, the Hanger Diversion Safe isn't really that safe. It doesn't divert, and it doesn't lock, and, yeah, you can cover it with clothing, but if you want to hide stuff in your closet, why not just just use an actual safe stuffed in the back corner? And if you want to hide stuff while traveling, another recommended use for the Hanger Diversion Safe, I doubt you're going to have enough clothes on hangers that anyone looking to steal from you wouldn't just rip them all off and discover your clever hiding spot.

If you just want to make some extra storage space on your hangers, though, somewhere to put all the shoeboxes of matchbox cars and GI Joes you promised your wife you'd get rid of so she has more room for shoeboxes of shoes, a Hanger Diversion Safe could be just the not-anywhere-near-a-diversion-safe for you.

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