Handcrafted Metal Tree Driveway & Side Gates

Posted: April 02, 2023
Handcrafted Metal Tree Driveway & Side Gates
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Now these are what I call Giving Trees. Handcrafted metal gates that are giving me all the feels to see and envision at the bottom of my own driveway. And giving me all the hope that someday someone will be giving me one to put there. Along with the stately house and drive that merit one of HFL Forging, Inc.'s phenomenal tree designs.

In describing the metalwork they do, the Vaughan, Ontario-based forge asks, "What would be better than handcrafting your imagination?" The images above are just some of the examples to the answer: nothing. My featured image is HFL Forging's, "Jungle Tree" Driveway Gate. Made of hot-dipped, powder-coated galvanized steel and iron, the elaborate piece is as awe-inspiring as any old growth counterpart you'd see in the wild. Its security features - a dense, sharp-edged, and downward-sloping canopy of leaves, and thick knurled trunks with spindly, pointy branches infilling the spaces between - also appear to be deterrents for trespassers that are as effective as they are beautiful.

HFL Forging has dozens of other outstanding tree-themed driveway and side gates in their Etsy shop collection too, but these are all just examples of the types of work they can produce. Each piece is custom made based on client requests and submitted drawings for shape, size, and imagery.

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