Fold-Flat 2-Step Stool

Posted: January 22, 2020
Fold-Flat 2-Step Stool
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Step 1: grow 8.5". Step 2: grow 8.5" more. And guess what kids, neither step involves eating vegetables! This fold-flat 2-step stool from Richards Homewares gives a boost to everyone from kiddos at the bathroom sink to doggos who can't make the leap into your car to adultos reaching for a high shelf in the kitchen or garage. The portable stool weighs just over 6 pounds, but can support a standing weight of up to 300.

When stepping up to be useful, the stepstool has a total height of 17.2", divvied equally between its 2 steps. Tread depth is about 8.5" for the lower step and 8.75" for the higher one. When stepping down from boosting duty for storage, the stool measures 21.625" long x 25.75" wide x a mere 1.75" thick.

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