Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Posted: April 09, 2015
Exhale Bladeless Ceiling Fan
$500 - $600
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Not that Dyson hasn't proven that fans don't need to look like a duck and walk like a duck to be a duck, but the Exhale bladeless fan is still the strangest looking thing I've ever seen mounted to a ceiling. I don't even know what to compare its chunky, slatted self to. Maybe a cross between one of those accordion-style air pumps and a spinning merry-go-round. Or like something Bill and Ted would have seen when they visited Rufus in the Utopian future. But I guess Exhale can't take the form of a traditional ceiling fan when its function also deviates to the extent it does.

Instead of aligning blades and blowing air all catawampus around the room, the Exhale bladeless ceiling fan "utilizes the science of laminar flow" to produce a cyclonic, or 360-degree distribution of air. This means the fan's output is uninterrupted (i.e., by its own blades), resulting in much quieter operation and more comprehensive air movement, horizontally around an entire room instead of just straight down. Additionally, Exhale air passes over people/objects from the side, like a calm breeze rather than, uh, a fan blowing in your face.

Exhale's cyclonic airflow also multiplies as it runs, creating a kind of vortex that constantly stirs and co-mingles all of the air in a room. This serves to eliminate hot and cold spots, stabilizes temperatures, and reduces stress on air conditioning or heating systems.

Though it looks huge in the photos, Exhale's actual diameter is 34", which is smaller than most large ceiling fans currently sold. It weighs around 25 pounds and can cover rooms measuring up to 20' x 20'. The fan is manufactured in 8 different colors.

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