Ergonomic Smart Music Pillow

Posted: January 10, 2020
Ergonomic Smart Music Pillow
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Great. As much as I like the idea of an ergonomic smart music pillow to support my old man neck with 90D high-density memory foam, just take a gander at this angled, contoured mess. The PILO pillow looks like a complex geometry problem! And the only recurring nightmare I have is about high school math class!

The pillow is designed with 52 different multifaceted cuts PILO says provides orthopedic support, as well as an anti-snoring effect. It works for both back and side sleepers, maintaining its shape and rebounding ability throughout the night, and over the many nights you'll use it. Provided you don't hate it. And that it doesn't give you (more) high school math class nightmares.

In addition to its supportive and pressure-relieving memory foam, the PILO pillow is lined with bamboo charcoal particles to help keep it fresh for those who get the night sweats. Most likely from high school math class nightmares.

For those who like to drift off to sleep with music or an audiobook in their ear, PILO has built-in, invisible binaural speakers. Using the included cable, you'll plug into your media player's or phone's audio jack to access whatever audio you like through the pillow, earbud-free. PILO says anyone else sleeping in the bed with you, such as your partner or the ghost of your high school math teacher, won't be able to hear the sound.

PILO also has an app custom-made with bedtime sounds - ambient, nature, white noise, and sleep rhythms - you can play to help you fall asleep. And then fall back asleep when you wake up at 3 a.m. after that high school math class nightmare.

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