Doorhickey Hands-Free Sliding Glass Door Opener

Posted: August 14, 2023
Doorhickey Hands-Free Sliding Glass Door Opener
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I know "Doorhickey" is a play on the word "doohickey," but dudes. Doesn't it make you think of someone getting a hickey from a door too? I know, I'm not quite sure how that would work either, but, like, maybe they have a bruise or a cut from walking into a door, or having a door swung open - or slammed shut - in their face, and everyone is like, "Duuude, what happened to you?" and they're like, "Doorhickey."

Maybe the kids can adopt the term in that context. The adults, and especially the seniors amongst them, will probably prefer this version of a Doorhickey, a second handle attachment for sliding glass doors that enables you to open and close them hands-free.

The Doorhickey consists of a wavy plastic extension and a suction cup base. The plastic "handle" is designed for pushing and pulling with an elbow, allowing you to move the slider when your hands are full, or if you have problems gripping a traditional handle. The suction cup, according to Doorhickey, adheres to your glass door using vacuum suction that produces "a Herculean hold!"

To install the Doorhickey, ensure the glass you're using is clean and dry, twist the handle counterclockwise several times, place the suction cup on the glass, and then turn the handle clockwise until you can't turn it anymore.

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