Demon Gas Fireplace & Fire Pit Skull

Posted: August 03, 2018
Demon Fireplace & Fire Pit Skull
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The next iteration of skull gas fireplace and fire pit logs: skull gas fireplace and fire pit logs with demon horns! Myard says that these more recent versions of their popular flame lurkers are heavy, highly detailed, and even larger than an adult human skull at about 9" tall and 8-1/2" wide.

The demon skulls also weigh 15 to 18 pounds, which is 4 to 8 pounds heavier than an adult human skull with the brain still inside, and the head all its anatomical accoutrements still attached!

Carryover features to the demon skull logs include empty eye sockets that flames can spit right through, and a composition of temperature-resistant cement, composites, and fireproof paint.

Dress up your gas fireplace or fire pit with a demon skull in black, or white that will turn black as soon as you burn it.

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