DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater

Posted: October 09, 2016
DeLonghi Mica Panel Heater
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My girlfriend wants to install this Mica Panel Heater next to her face on the bedroom wall. I've never known a girl who's so cold all the time. Except my ex-girlfriend, Karen. But I always thought that was because the materials used to build her heart consisted of water chilled to a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. She-Ra: Princess of Power has a heart made of normal human tissues and veins, but she still starts shivering and goose bumping up when it drops below 60.

Anyway, in my experience DeLonghi makes decent space (and face) heaters, and this panel version should heat up a couple hundred square feet of your space while consuming only a fraction of it. The Mica comes with 2 removable caster wheels, so you can set it up freestanding, or mount it to the wall with the included kit. It has 2 heat settings, Low for 750 watts of output, and High for 1500 watts. The heater also operates whisper quiet.

The Mica Panel heater measures 27.25" x 9.75" x 22.5" and weighs 12.65 pounds.

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