deeTOOL MAN Door Draft Stopper

Posted: September 27, 2020
deeTOOL MAN Door Draft Stopper
$17.99 - $19.99
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deeTOOL MAN says installation of their Door Draft Stopper "is a breeze," Hmmm. Given what the cold air barricade is intended to curtail, I might have gone with a different expression. Like, installing the Door Draft Stopper is as easy as soaking in a warm bath. Cuddling up by the fire. Blowing hot air on social media.

The deeTOOL MAN Door Draft Stopper is a single-sided snakelike design that attaches with an adhesive backing and hook-and-loop fastener to the interior bottom of your drafty door. In addition to keeping cold out and heat in, the stopper also blocks dust, sand, odors, and light. Its tubular core is made of styrofoam, and the cover is a low-friction fabric deeTOOL MAN says glides easily on all floor types.

Door Draft Stoppers come in 2 sizes and 4 different colors.

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