Cute Little Fu*kers Sex Toys

Posted: September 26, 2019
Cute Little Fu*kers Sex Toys
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I didn't mark the Cute Little Fu*kers Sex Toys as NSFW, because the gender-inclusive vibrators actually are suitable for viewing at work*. That was one of Cute Little Fu*kers master(bating)mind Step Tranovich's design decisions in making them: leave one of the adorable silicone monsters "on display and no one will know it was in you!"

In addition to looking like goofy monsters your kids (and dogs for that matter) are definitely going to swipe and play with if you're not careful, all Cute Little Fu*kers Sex Toys share the following traits:

  • They swap out the RRRAAAWWWRRR! for the BZZBZZ! (In other words, they vibrate.)
  • They're sex toys intended for all genders.
  • Aside from their internal electronics (BZZBZZ!) Cute Little Fu*kers are made of 100% medical grade silicone.
  • They have 5 vibration speeds and modes.
  • They're quiet to use, and waterproof.
Cute Little Fu*kers seek crowdfunding from fellow sex and creature lovers here on Kickstarter through October 31, 2019.

*Now. Whether or not cute Little Fu*kers Sex Toys are suitable for using at work, I'll leave that to your discretion.

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