CULER SOLO Flash-Evaporative Personal Air Cooler

Posted: July 04, 2018
CULER SOLO Single Port Flash-Evaporative Air Cooler
$164.93 - $199
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No 4th of July picnic is complete without a cooler, a red, white & blueberry Jell-O salad, a handful of bottle rockets, and a flash-evaporative personal air cooler.

The CULER SOLO lies somewhere in between a fan and a full-on air conditioner. The tower's design is big and powerful enough to incorporate Flow Burring technology and atomize water into tiny, uniform droplets it can then flash evaporate to lower the temperature of the air its fan blasts towards you. But the CULER SOLO is also small enough to be portable. So you can point it at your face on the couch at home, and then throw it under your arm to set up and point at your face at your desk at work.

If you have a power source, you can also plug in the CULER SOLO for some directional cooling action outside. Its 3 fan settings consume only around 35W of energy.

To operate the personal air cooler, you'll add water and plug it in.

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