Cocoon Sleep Sack

Posted: July 08, 2021
Cocoon Sleep Sacks
$90 - $290
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You've heard of a ghillie suit? Well, Cocoon Sleep Sacks are just like...nah, they're nothing like that, but "ghillie suit for glampers" is definitely the first thing I thought of when I saw faux Clint Eastwood up there chillaxin' in one of Albrea Products' luxe and cozy cocoon blankets.

Made of ultrasoft fabric with elastic stitching throughout, Cocoon Sleep Sacks are more blanket than sleeping bag, and definitely more for lounging it than roughing it. Think Netflix & Chill on the couch, a chilly night on the patio, or even sensory stimulation and comfort for people with anxiety or on the autism spectrum.

Albrea Products, a mother-daughter team from Southern Utah, handmakes Cocoon Sleep Sacks in a variety of colors, and in sizes for adults and teens, kids, and babies.

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