Check All That Apply Cards

Posted: May 24, 2015
Check All That Apply Cards
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Check It Out

Business cards, like hand gestures, are great ways of communicating. A card reminds a new acquaintance of your name. A potential client of your job title. A hot chick of your phone number. And here, with the interactive Check All That Apply card, a recipient of what you think of him, her, the situation, or life in general.

Thanks to the F word, its centered star, at least one box of the Check All That Apply card could probably apply to every encounter you have. Seriously. What other word in the English language is as versatile in application and tone as "Fuck?" And now you can use it to make sure a special someone knows you're ticked, stoked, frustrated, horny, or, in rare cases, all of the above without ever opening your mouth.

Hand set and hand pressed in blank ink by Eight Eleven Press, the Check All That Apply cards invite you to Fuck: You; Me; Off; Yeah; It; This; That; and No in packs of one dozen.

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