BIC Special Edition Lighters

Posted: April 05, 2020
BIC Special Edition Lighters
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BIC Special Edition Lighters are like the frosted Lucky Charms of smoking paraphernalia. Neon green pickles! Scooter-riding T-Rexes! Nebula-drifting tacos! Angelic grinning beavers! They're magically auspicious!

Here to brighten your day with a flick of the fork - did you know BIC Lighters' red ignition buttons are called "forks"? - the Special Edition flame makers come in sets of 6, though, sadly, not in variety packs. You'll get either 6 pickles, 6 dinos, 6 tacos, or 6 beavers. Of course, depending on how long we're coronatined, and how much weed you're smoking to cope with it, you might burn through 24 lighters this year, and a pack of each wouldn't be such a bad investment.

Don't forget the Screwpop Hit Kit to give your Special Edition BICs their own means of sheltering in place.

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