BedJet Climate Control for Beds

Posted: August 24, 2015
BedJet Climate Control for Beds
$369 - $499
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I saw the BedJet last week when I was researching (i.e., zombie-clicking through the pages of Amazon) DermaTherapySPORT bedding. DTS is made with some sort of woven fabric golden boy that the company says will keep you cooler, drier, and more comfortable as you sleep. Coincidentally, BedJet makes the same claim. But instead of delivering its climate-controlled good night's sleep through sheets grown in a lab, they do it with a giant ventilator and hose you stick under any old bed sheets to suck and blow at your sweaty or chilly parts all night long.

The BedJet base sits on the floor at or under the foot of your bed, while its hose snakes up along the side, and spout--a triangular plastic piece with an oblong opening at the mouth, similar to a handheld vacuum attachment--burrows under your comforter and top sheet. There the system provides on-demand temperature control via a wireless remote, or with Bluetooth connectivity and a free smartphone/tablet app.

BedJet ventilation settings wick body heat and moisture out of the bed when cooling is in order, while a heating mode emits "deep and enveloping" warmth that makes sheets feel like they just came out of the dryer. The former is recommended for hot flashes and night sweats, the latter for cold feet and poor circulation. BedJet also has a dual zone temperature upgrade option for bedmates who can't agree on ideal climate conditions, such as every man and woman who have ever slept together.

BedJet installation shouldn't take more than a few minutes, and the apparatus is compatible with all bed sizes, plus most adjustable powered bed frames. The package includes the BedJet base unit, a wireless remote, and the free Bluetooth app.

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