Artificial Grass Interlocking Mats

Posted: May 01, 2019
Artificial Grass Interlocking Mats
$35.99 - $52.99
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If it looks like grass and grows like...uh...feels like...uh, well. These interlocking mats pretty much stop at looking like grass, but if your concrete jungle needs a lawn like mine does, they're realistic enough, plus one of the easier options you've got when it comes to adding some springtime flooring to your balcony, deck, patio, or that little square of space in front of your apartment's only set of windows.

Sold in sets of 6 or 9, each 1' x 1' artificial grass tile has a row of teeth running along 2 of its sides and eyelets along the other 2. Once you lay out the grass mat in your preferred size and shape, the teeth snap into the eyelets to create an unbroken "lawn" look.

In addition to covering some of your outdoor space with a square of nature's carpet, the artificial grass interlocking mats' simple setup and maintenance-free design make them good choices for temporary installations, such as parties and weddings, or indoor picnic accompaniments to nights of Netflix & Chill.

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