Antec Nano Diamond Thermal Compound

Posted: November 06, 2016
Antec Nano Diamond Thermal Compound
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Need an ice cold beer for your CPU? I myself don't have much need to minimize the distance between heat-conducive compounds using Antec's Nano Diamond Thermal Compound Formula 7 because I'm not a tech or a maker or a DIYer or a reasonably capable human being in general. But I've seen enough entrepreneurial and crafty homemade reader endeavors to know that many of you dudes out there are. So if you're upgrading your PC, or putting together something even better, and need some CPU protection, Antec thinks its Formula 7 is your diamond dust condom fit to fight the heat "even when your rig is running on all cylinders."

Formula 7's diamond particles measure 0.0000015cm, rated at 8.3 w/mk. Their optimal performance range is an admirable -50 to +250 degrees C. Within it they'll be able to keep your system cool and your CPU functioning properly. Amazon reviewers note running temperature drops of 10 to 20 degrees with Antec Formula 7 application, and give the compound a 4-1/2-star average.

They disagree, though, with Antec's statement that the diamond dust spreads easily, noting that it's pretty thick and should not be applied in dots or a line, but more appropriately as a small blob in the center of the CPU, which can then be moved gently outward using an included spreader.

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