Ambi Climate Smart AC Control

Posted: May 12, 2016
Ambi Climate Smart AC Control
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Ambi Climate is kind of like the Nest thermostat, but pinpointed to your air conditioning unit. The smart hub connects via WiFi to any remote-controlled AC, tapping into its infrared signal to "talk" to the device. From there the Ambi Climate can adjust its settings automatically, or at your behest from anywhere you can access the iOS / Android Ambi app.

As an AC manager, Ambi Climate uses your feedback and its own built-in sensors for temperature, humidity, motion, and sunlight to learn your cooling preferences. You can initiate a Comfort Mode to teach the Ambi what conditions feel best to you, and it will automatically adjust your AC up and down to achieve them. You can also set an Away Mode with temperature and humidity thresholds to take care of plants, pets, and clothes in extreme temperatures.

Accepting additional rules and timers for turning on the AC at certain points of the day or night to sync with your schedule is also within the Ambi Climate repertoire. So is allowing you to override set parameters and use your smartphone / the Ambi app as a pure AC remote control. Make adjustments from across the room, or from the 5-mile gridlock you're stuck in on the way home from work.

Like many smart devices, Ambi Climate seeks to make life easier, increase comfort, and save you money. The company says it accomplishes the last by throttling your AC--holding a true constant temperature (some of them can't do this very well, and tend to overcool or overheat) and adjusting output based on both personal settings and environmental conditions to eliminate energy waste.

Ambi Climate setup should take 5 minutes or less. Once connected, you can begin teaching it your preferences immediately just by tapping "too hot" or "too cold," and you'll be well on your way to staying Goldilocks cool this summer.

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