Amazon.com E-Gift Cards

Posted: December 24, 2015
Amazon.com E-Gift Cards
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You: Crap, the gift I ordered hasn't arrived yet. Arrived busted. Arrived way smaller / bigger / uglier than it looked in the photos. Crap, was I supposed to buy Christmas presents again this year?

Me: No sweat, dude. Thanks to Amazon, the no-est-brainer-est of all holiday gifts requires even less thought and action; you can purchase their Amazon.com E-Gift cards instantly and electronically, and then deliver them to your recipients instantly and electronically, at which point they can use the card value instantly and electronically.

Amazon.com E-Gift cards aren't really any different that E-Gift cards to the iTunes store or Best Buy, except that recipients can't use those gift cards to buy the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour and Fallout 4 and a Coolest Cooler and a Rare Insect Taxidermy Set, and a 50-pack of extra-soft toilet tissue rolls. Amazon.com is clearly the superior source of everything on earth. Their E-Gift cards are available in any denomination and with the buyer's choice of delivery date (schedule at checkout).

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