Alice in Wonderland Doorknob

Posted: August 06, 2021
Alice in Wonderland Doorknob
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The Doorknob you see here may not lead you to Lewis Carroll's Wonderland, but Prop Sculptor's Alice in Wonderland replica is fully functional, so it could lead you to, like, your bedroom or your backyard, and if you're living your best life, those places may be their own Wonderlands of sorts.

John of Prop Sculptor has custom designed and hand-molded his take on the Alice in Wonderland Doorknob, and sells it in his Etsy shop in silver, gold, and bronze finishes. A real doorknob serves as the fantasy version's base, with sculpted effects made of resin. The Doorknob, which comes as a 2-piece sculpture plus a doorknob and hardware, can replace an existing doorknob for functional use, or you can fit the pieces of the Doorknob sculpture together separately and hang them on a wall.

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