Airmega Smart Air Purifier

Posted: December 30, 2017
Airmega Smart Air Purifier
$552.49 - $749.99
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"Alexa! Purify my air!" The Airmega is a smart air purifier, app-enabled and compatible with the Amazon Echo. In your home or office, the 4-legged cabinet filters out 99.97% of particulate matter from the air you'd presumably prefer to breathe particulate matter-free. Then on its accompanying iOS / Android mobile app, the Airmega sends progress reports and air quality readings you can monitor and manage from anywhere.

Airmega smart air purifier features include:

  • Real-time Air Quality Monitoring. A sensor on the machine provides a constant readout of the current air quality conditions in the room. An LED ring changes color to indicate whether air is fresh or unhealthy.
  • Smart Mode. Use this setting to allow the Airmega to auto-adjust its air filtration speed according to the current air quality readings it detects.
  • Eco Mode. If air quality remains good for 10+ minutes, the Airmega will shut off its fan to conserve energy. The sensor remains active, and if it detects pollution, the purifier will restart its fan automatically.
  • Sleep Mode. On the 300S Airmega model shown here, users can manually set a sleep time so the purifier reduces its fan speed, and runs quieter at night.
  • Mobile App. Track the Airmega remotely with app readouts of air quality in the purifier's coverage range, filter status, and real-time outdoor air quality updates. You can also use the app to turn the machine on / off and schedule a timer for the Airmega's operation time.

The Airmega 300S comes in sizes to cover spaces of 1256 or 1560 square feet. Choose from smart air purifier colors white and graphite.

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