Adorne Pop-Out Outlet

Posted: January 20, 2017
Adorne Pop-Out Outlet
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What is it they say, "Once you pop, you can't stop?" This Pop-Out Outlet from Legrand's Adorne collection is definitely the Pringles of the electrical fittings world. The hideaway outlet has plugs on 3 of its 4 cubical sides, giving most replacement areas space for an extra device when they need one, and the illusion of no plugs at all when they don't.

The Pop-Out Outlet appears and disappears with the same press of your finger on its face plate. The Adorne series comes in Magnesium (gray) and White colors (see the white here). Both are 1-gang outlets. Legrand says installation time should be 15 minutes or less, but there are some peripheral requirements to using a Pop-Out. They come with a special frame for mounting, but require a deep electrical outlet (22.5 cubic inches) and an Adorne Wall Plate, which is not included with Pop-Out purchases.

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