Adhesive Magnet Tape

Posted: January 07, 2022
Adhesive Magnet Tape
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Haha, Mama, no excuse not to hang every one of my photos and pieces of artwork on the fridge anymore, now that I'm giving you this neverending* roll of Adhesive Magnet Tape! It's even specially formulated for thin, low-profile items such as photographs and paper.

Made by Dowling Magnets, 0.75" Adhesive Magnet Tape is spooled into a Scotch-style tape dispenser, so you can pull out exactly the length you need, and tear it off along the dispenser's serrated edge. The tape is adhesive on one side only, but magnetized such that it sticks to itself, so if you want to hang something on a non-magnetic surface, tear off 2 pieces of Adhesive Magnet Tape, and apply one to the surface, and the other to the item you want to display.

*OK, each roll has 25' of Adhesive Magnet Tape, but I'm sure that will seem neverending to any unwitting recipient.

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