Abode Gale Cordless Fan

Posted: June 13, 2023
Abode Gale Cordless Fan
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Abode Gale is a cordless fan that's personal in size and powerful in action. Its 9-hour battery life and slim, 700-gram design make the Gale an easy grab-and-go companion as you move throughout your home or office, and its 3 fan speeds adjust airflow from "gentle breeze" to "strong gust of air." All at an acoustic cost to you of just 30 decibels.

Like most circulating fans, the Gale Fan has an optional 180-degree rotation setting, and its neck angle adjusts from straight ahead to straight up. The final trick up the fan's blades is a mood light that encircles the outer ring of the Gale. The light's brightness is also adjustable to create ambience along with airflow.

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