Test Tube Chandelier

Posted: February 21, 2013
Test Tube Chandelier
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Those talks of collaboration? Beaker and Martha Stewart have finally hooked it up. Test Tube chandeliers satisfy the overhead lighting needs of science geeks and prima donnas alike with their authentic glass chem lab cylinders hanging from slotted plywood rings all Art-Deco-style in a tidy double row. Hang one as is, let Martha get her paws on it to fill the sturdy test tubes with flowers and tiny colored pebbles, or give Beaker free reign with the water tinted with food coloring and sparklers. Huh. Check out the photo of that last one. Does not look Bill Nye-approved.

Chandeliers arrive with 96 detachable test tubes for users to experiment with arranging and filling. They measure 43.3" high and have an 18.5" diameter.

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