Rotimatic Indian Bread Maker

Posted: October 25, 2013
$599 - $999
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I'm still not even sure what the hell roti is. I thought Indian bread was either naan (mmmmm, chewy) or papadums (mmmmm, crunchy). What's this third formation of dough throwing a wrench into my narrow culinary view of Curry Land? And whatever it is, can I please have a Hungry Jack stack of it?

Mama? Hello? That's your cue.

As I await satiation of my roti craving, I'm going to re-watch the Rotimatic automatic roti maker demonstration video. Again and again. Because it is F'ing outstanding. A hundred times better than anything I've seen on Unwrapped or Sesame Street. I wonder if there's an extended version. Maybe one with some additional footage of that smokin' hot Indian woman Bob Ross-ing it up by the window?

Later on in the video, probably when the Indian couple who just made and ate the roti with their saag and white wine are having sex, Rotimatic co-founder Pranoti Nagarkar explains how long roti enthusiasts have been waiting for this sort of automated dough manipulator. Apparently the process takes ages when done by hand, and as a staple of most Indian households, making roti by hand has long been a prerequisite for the family's designated chef.

The Rotimatic holds ingredients for up to 20 rotis, and kneads, puffs, and pops them out at a rate of 1 roti per minute. It can also make doughballs and flour discs for frying paranthas and pooris (more Indian bread stuffs!) If the video is to be believed, the machine's digital screen and ingredient containers are reasonably self-explanatory and simple to use, one more sure sign the Rotimatic was not designed or made in America.

Best of all, according to Nagarkar and her partner Rishi Ishrani, Rotimatic earns marks as the 5th invention in history that will revolutionize the lives of women. It follows the distinguished list of vacuum cleaner, washing machine, birth control, and cell phone.

Hey ladies, put your guns down. I'm just the messenger here.

Rotimatic will initially ship in Singapore beginning December 2013. Fingers crossed that worldwide distribution will follow. Interested parties should express interest and sign up for alerts through the company's website.

June 2014 Update: According to the Rotimatic Website, pre-orders for Singapore and the United States are open at a "special, early-bird price" of $599 for a single machine. Post pre-order prices will increase to $999.

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