Into the Woods Projection Light

Posted: May 15, 2013
Into the Woods Projection Light

Due to its being dramatic and showstopping and incredibly F'ing rad, Hilden & Diaz's Forms in Nature forest projection light sculpture has earned viral popularity this week. To the point that the artists are planning a Kickstarter project for it, as well as currently entertaining bids from interested parties for individual fixture production. I suggest starting your bids at $1 million if you hope to beat my offer of $5.75, plus lessons on how to get: A) elegantly wasted; and B) more chicks. What? Shut up, Cornelius, everyone doesn't know already. You don't...OK yeah, Fireball and a red dragon smoking jacket for part A, but no one, no one knows my secrets about how to get the girls to come real quick, that's why they're...wait, do they involve what? Well they...well...fine! You know they consist of something funky and something cold, but that's all you know!

Using a porous white mass of jagged branches, the sculpture partially illuminates a room, and partially hurls oversized shadows onto its surrounding ceiling and walls such that one feels immersed in a scene from Sleepy Hollow or Jumanji. Hopefully sans the presence of a sociopath without a head and that spastic orangutan Robin Williams.

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