Cookiray Anti-Odor Pendant Lamp

Posted: July 21, 2017
Check It Out

Looks like the Cookiray Anti-Odor Pendant Lamp went with Slimer Stew as the sample dish in its demo video. What the ghosts-from-hell else smokes neon green on the stovetop?

Yeah, yeah, I know. They threw some LEDs in there to enhance the visuals of the effect. They did a good job too. When I see that stream of toxic-looking gas pouring out of the pan, I'm grateful the light's smell-sucking filters are ridding the kitchen of its scent particulates, just as Cookiray intended. I now think of it as a Ghost Trap for odors.

The pendant lamp portion of the Cookiray light comes in white or black, and 2 different styles. Both look a lot nicer, and take up way less useful space, than my air purifier. They also provide a little more light than it does: a luminous flux of 2300, versus 0.

As an odor filter, the Cookiray helps absorb oil, fat, and smoke smells from both foods cooked in the kitchen, and teppanyaki-style - grilled right at the table. The lamp has 3 cleaning settings you can vary according to the intensity of the odors.

Cookiray packages include a remote control, mounting screws, and your first set of filters (need to be changed every 1 to 2 years). Not included: instructions in English. Oh well. I don't know about you, but I wasn't planning to drop a grand on an odor-eating light anyway.

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