Zyliss Smoothslizer Vegetable Pasta Maker & Spiralizer

Posted: March 01, 2021
Zyliss Smoothslizer Vegetable Pasta Maker & Spiralizer
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Smoothslizer wants to know one thing: keto kids, plant-based babies, low carb cuties, how you doin'? Him, he's smoooooth over here, spiralizing your zucchini into zoodles, and spinnin' your butternuts into sheets of grade A lasagna. That's Vitamin A grade, honey bunnies, since one serving of the squash feeds your pretty body with over 450% of the vitamin's RDA. Oh yes, Smoothslizer is feeling smooth slicing your vegetables - your apples and pears too! - into curlicues of pure love.

Zyliss has a new pasta maker and spiralizer for the veggie lovers, and begrudging veggie eaters, out there. Their new kitchen gadget has 3 blades for making spirals, sheets, and ribbons of produce you can use to replace pasta in your efforts to reimagine spaghetti, tagliatelle and lasagna as low-carb, nutritionally-dense meals. Use the spiralizer on beetroot, butternut squash, sweet potato, white potato, cucumber, zucchini, and daikon radish.

The Smoothslizer also creates long, curly strands of select fruits for use in decorative pies and tarts worthy of The Great British Baking Show.

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