Workstation Kitchen Sink

Posted: October 30, 2022
Workstation Kitchen Sink
$590 - $1,390
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I doubt these Workstation Kitchen Sinks from Ruvati are DIY installs, so in addition to the cost of buying one, you're going to have to suffer the cost - and hassle - of hiring someone to put it in. But still...damn. These are some fiiine-lookin' and fiiiine-functionin' kitchen accessories. They almost want to make me offer to do the dishes!

Or at least offer to, like, grab some burger fixin's off the Ruvati Workstation serving board.

Workstation Kitchen Sinks come in 6 different styles and sizes, ranging from 33" to 57" wide. All include a 16-gauge T-304 grade stainless steel sink sitting beneath 2 tiers of tracks that slide a bevy of cooking and cleaning tools back and forth.

Also standard in Ruvati Workstation Kitchen Sink sets are reversible cutting boards, mixing bowls and colander attachments, foldable drying racks, and condiment trays.

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