Wolverine Steak Knife Holder

Posted: May 25, 2018
Wolverine Steak Knife Holder
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if Industries isn't just clever enough to design and 3D print a Wolverine-themed steak knife holder, they're responsible enough to point out that actually buying and using a Wolverine-themed steak knife holder is kind of dumb and dangerous. Per the product description: "Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety once purchased...seriously, steak knives set backwards in a knife block? Use your best judgement when displaying, using, populating your home with animals or children... or drunk people."

I'd add that a steak knife holder that holds only 3 steak knives isn't that practical, unless you're a single 30-year-old living with your parents, or finally got some girls from Comic-Con to agree to a threesome.

No matter though. Adamantium claws from arguably the greatest X-Man ever reimagined as cutlery used to eat arguably the greatest meal ever makes for a mighty fine vision before me. Well done, if Industries. Three thumbs, three claws, and three steak knives up.

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