Wolverine Meat Claws

Posted: December 20, 2016
Wolverine Meat Claws
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Adamantium is a natural for shredding meat, but I wonder if Wolverine has ever considered using his claws to shred cooked meat. Particularly giant butts of pork grilled slow and smoky on the BBQ, and slathered with sauce to finish. Maybe in retirement he'll put the retractable claws to even better use running a food truck. Logan's Pig ShaX. In the meantime, you can simulate the action pulling and shredding your own grilled meats with a pair of Wolverine-style meat claws.

Sadly, these Meat Claws are not plated with adamantium, just made of boring stainless steel. They're probably not indestructible either. But as long as you're using them for their intended meat handling and cutting purposes the 5" claws should hold up when called upon, and make your kitchen tasks feel a little more badass.

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