Wall-Mountable Microwave Oven

Posted: February 01, 2020
Wall-Mountable Microwave Oven

Kevin Choi won the iF Student Design Award in 2016 for his Wall-Mountable Oven concept, a small microwave that consumes an even smaller space in your kitchen thanks to its back panel attachment directly to your wall. When you want to cook your Ramen or reheat some chili, the turntable folds down from the unit for food placement, followed by a collapsible door / hood that accordions out to cover your dish and contain the microwaves as you nuke it.

Wall-Mountable Oven operation is via a touch screen menu on top of the cover, which also has a translucent panel so you can stand over it, watching your dish cook and getting cancer, just like a normal microwave.

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