Vertical Waffle Maker

Posted: April 02, 2017
Vertical Waffle Maker
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A waffle maker with the profile of a toaster, and that's not even the best part of Cuisinart's vertical Belgian beauty. The best part is that you pour the batter in through a spout on top of the machine, up to a clearly marked fill line. So there's no change I'll slop it over the sides and then burn myself trying to get it off quick, or go overly conservative and end up with a meager, misshapen waffle after cooking.

Like most waffle irons, the Vertical has an indicator light that changes to alert you when your butter and syrup receptacles are ready, but unlike others, Cuisinart has also added an audible alarm, plus your choice of 5 browning levels.

When it's time to separate the waffle from its maker, the Vertical swivels horizontal and so you can lift it from the non-stick coated waffle irons to your plate.

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