Vertical Rotisserie Roaster Oven

Posted: March 18, 2019
Vertical Rotisserie Roaster Oven
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I saw this Vertical Rotisserie Roaster Oven at the same time as the Slide & Serve BBQ Skewers. Bummer that you can't use them together, but both bring their own flavors of kebab-cooking ease to the BBQ.

For the Vertical Rotisserie Roaster Oven it's an 1100W auto-rotating grill and center heating tube with smart thermostat, which cook your kebabs evenly, without scorching, and without letting neighboring skewers stick together. Each kebab has its own bottom footing for skewer insertion and notch in the roaster's top cover to further stabilize it while cooking.

Using the included bamboo skewers, you can cook up to 12 threaded kebabs at a time, or use them to lock onto sausages, Shawarma Chicken, or fish and shrimp for an easy rotisserie solution that doesn't clog up space on the grill or conventional stovetop / oven.

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