Transparent Stock Pot

Posted: August 15, 2014
Transparent Stock Pot
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It's no Sears Tower* glass Skydeck hovering 1,353 feet above the streets of Chicago, but at least this transparent stock pot is a lot easier to haul home, and way less likely to make you vomit. Well...unless you're a terrible cook. In which case...it's vomit all around! But you won't know that until you sit down to eat. As the pasta boils or the meat stews, you'll revel, blissfully and nausea-free, in the captivating food science your pot reveals.

The 8-quart borosilicate glass pot from MoMA has been tempered, rendering it flame-proof and able to withstand high temperatures. Is the rice maintaining its simmer? Is the chili burning to the bottom of the pot such that it's going to take 3 days of soaking for you to scrape the congealed layer off? Now you can answer your most pressing culinary questions with a 360-degree view, and without lifting the lid. According to MoMA, boiling water also "brings ingredients to life." Pasta "begins to twirl and dance" and vegetables "bob and brighten" during the cooking process.

The transparent pot's glass is non-porous and will not retain and pass along past meals' flavors to food it cooks in the future. Fingers crossed that MoMa will follow up its foray into transparency with a clear glass toilet.

The transparent stock pot is a top Dude Gift for the Kitchen pick.

*I know this building is now technically called the Willis Tower, but the last time I used that term in discussing the Baby Muzzle a disgruntled reader told me I was not allowed to do it anymore. Specifically, he said: "hey. listen here. It's not the [expletive] WILLIS TOWER. It is the SEARS TOWER. and you will hereafter refer to it as such."

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